Light Stream

PC Software
Light Stream is a user-friendly and powerful software for creating lighting compositions and preview them in 2D and 3D modes. Use it with the Light Stream Player or standalone.
Different licenses up to 1200 DMX Universes
170 built-in effects
More options for quickly creating your own lighting scenes and compositions
Advanced timeline
Fine tune every frame. Mixing effects as in a graphics editor. Add keyframes to any effect parameter
User friendly-mapping
Drag and drop the fixtures directly to the controller port, automatic addressing will help you. Use splines for long LED arrays. Divide your project into layouts. Control the lighting of individual zones independently.
3D Preview
See how your end result will look like. Import 3D models of buildings and other objects. Transfer fixtures from 2D mapping to 3D with one click.
Export to Player
Save your time, just select the compositions you want and click the export button
This tool allows you to project effects onto a 3D model, which significantly expands the possibilities for lighting design.
If you use LedEdit software and AutoCAD you will like the function of importing DXF files and automatic fixtures placement.
Flexible workspace settings. The ability to create multiple workspaces and switch between them at any moment.
Apply effects to each other with different blending modes. Create smooth transitions between effects by adjusting the opacity and any other effect parameters using keys on the timeline or functions.
Simple and intuitive UI
3D Projection
High performance
Effects and blending modes
Use Light Stream to transmit ArtNet data directly to the computer by connecting one or more Converter to it up to 2048 universes.
This works fast even on a large number of universes along with 3D previews
Divide and control the scene with areas and masks. Quick transfer of effects between areas. You can split your project into areas and control them independently.
More features
DXF import
ArtNet playback
Support for a soundtrack to add musical accompaniment to your projects.
Download Software
- 3.0 GHz dual-core CPU,
- OpenGL 4.6 graphics card
- 8 GB RAM, Network card / Wi-Fi
Minimum system requirements: